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Psychological Assessment, Counselling and Psychotherapy

At London Transgender Surgery our Senior Gender Specialist and Consultant Psychologist, Dr Penny Lenihan, can provide specialist psychological assessments and follow-up sessions including reviews for endorsement of hormone therapy, reviews for endorsement for transgender surgery, psychotherapy and specialist reports for legal gender recognition applications.

Not everyone will be suitable for a psychological assessment with Dr Penny Lenihan. In order to provide you with the most suitable care pathway we have included a set of questions necessary for your application. It is a screening method we must adhere to, this information will be passed directly on to Dr Penny Lenihan and necessary the London Transgender Surgery Team. Follow the link below to make your enquiry.

Application for Psychological Assessment

Frequently Asked Questions

The fee for your first assessment with Dr Penny Lenihan, Senior Gender Specialist at London Transgender Surgery is £250 which is payable on booking your appointment.

Unfortunately, at London Transgender Surgery we are not able to offer psychological assessment or counselling via telephone, Skype or email. Our Senior Gender Specialist and Consultant Psychologist will provide face-to-face counselling and assessment on a pre-arranged date and time.

The waiting time for your first appointment with Dr Penny Lenihan or Consultant Psychologist at London Transgender Surgery is approximately 3 months.  Please do enquire by emailing: info@transgender-surgery.london or call us on 0207 487 0910 for any further information.

Our Senior Gender Specialist will take a detailed history from you including information about your desire to transition.  It is important that our Consultant Psychologist understands your concerns and goals while ensuring that these are always in your best interest.  You will be required to provide information about your medical history, your mental health history, your psychosocial and employment history among others, in order that our Senior Gender Specialist can make a full assessment for you.  We recommend that you bring supporting documents and  a family member or friend with you to your appointment.  Following your consultation with our Senior Gender Specialist a report will be sent to your GP and our Hormone Specialist (as required).

Following your consultation with our Senior Gender Specialist Dr Penny Lenihan, you will be referred to our Hormone Specialist, Mary Burke-O’Brien RN who will review Dr Lenihan’s assessment and your blood reports.  Provided that there are no complicating issues and you are suitable to start gender affirming hormone therapy, Mary will be able to commence gender appropriate hormones. You should be aware that the time between your appointments may be 4 to 6 weeks.  However, in some situations we endeavour to arrange both appointments on the same day.

Yes, Dr Lenihan is included in HM Government’s list of approved gender specialists (details are here: https://formfinder.hmctsformfinder.justice.gov.uk/t493-eng.pdf. Dr Lenihan would need to see you for a 60-minute assessment prior to providing this.

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