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Upper Lip Lift London

The female Upper Lip is aesthetically attractive when the upper lip just exposes the front teeth with the mouth slightly open. The female upper lip is shorter and fuller than the male lip. With ageing the upper lip loses volume and lengthens. By shortening the height of the upper lip with Upper Lip Lift procedure, a more attractive feminine appearance can be achieved. Lip enhancement or augmentation can restore a more youthful lip or add volume to thin upper lip using Dermal fillers or fat.

Prices for Upper Lip Lift start from £2,500.

Summary of Lip Lift

Procedure Time
1 hour
1 week (Avoid strenuous exercise/activity for 6 weeks)
Back to Work
1 week
Lasting Effects of Treatment
Lasting 5 – 10 years
Local or General
image description
Moderate pain/discomfort for 3-5 days
Lip Lift FAQ’S
  • Am I suitable for Upper Lip lift?
    If you are concerned about the appearance of your upper lip shape which is too long or male looking and would like to achieve a more feminine appearance, then Upper Lip Lift surgery may be suitable for you.
  • Does Upper Lip Lift surgery require a general anaesthetic or hospitalisation?
    At London Transgender Clinic, Upper Lip Lift can be performed under local anaesthetic as an outpatient procedure. However this surgery can commonly be combined with other facial surgery such as rhinoplasty or forehead contouring.
  • How long is the Upper Lip Lift procedure?
    The Upper Lip Lift procedure takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour to perform.
  • What is the cost of Lip Lift Plastic Surgery?
    The costs for Lip Lift Surgery start from £2500 which will vary depending on your individual case, and includes your pre-operative and post-operative care. Following your consultation a detailed quotation will be provided. Please read more about our Fees at LTS.
  • When will the results of the surgery be seen?
    With Upper Lip Lift surgery immediate improvement of the Upper Lip will be seen. Some swelling is expected for the first five days before the final results are evident at 2 to 3 weeks.

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